What does the administrative fee cover?

The due diligence administration fee covers the following:


IT Support:

If my company is not approved will I be reimbursed?

Yes, you will receive a partial reimbursement.  Upon the completion of our due diligence, you will be notified of the results of our approval process.  Should your company fail to meet a criteria you will be provided with the option of resubmitting addition information for further consideration, to meet this requirement.  Should you choose not to submit additional information your application will not go further.   At that time, $150+HST will be reimbursed. 

Do suppliers need to purchase the software or licensing fee?

No, the suppliers will have access to our customized web based supplier software at no additional cost. Supplier will receive support and training free of cost to ensure that they are optimizing all the features that will make their work scheduling and tracking easier. Suppliers will be able to track their open and completed work orders, insert comments regarding work orders, track when their invoices have been paid, and track the rating of all previous work. 

If I choose to not register will I still be able to receive work from firms that have entered into an agreement with Community Source Solutions Inc.?

Once a firm outsources their supplier procurement and management to Community Source Solutions Inc. only approved suppliers, which have successfully gone through the full registration process, will have log in access to accept work orders via our cloud based program.   

If I register and do not meet the requirements will I ever be able to reapply?

Yes, it is our goal to work with you so that you meet the requirements. We will review your application and provide you with a report on what you meet and, if applicable, what you do not meet. We will work with you to assist you in meeting the requirements, within 90 days of your original application.  

How long will the whole process take?

Your application is completed on line and will take only 20-30 minutes to complete and upload all the required supporting documentation.  Once your application is received it will be thoroughly reviewed and verified within 10 business days, pending references.  Once our due diligence phase is completed you will receive notification of your status.  You will be notified should there be any sections that are missing or require additional information.  Our team will walk you through the process every step of the way. It is our goal to ensure that you are properly registered and ready and able to grow your business by winning more business contracts.

For any other questions or for further assistance please email info@communitysourcesolutions.com